Shipping and return policies for Oh, Rose

Shipping Info
Items are shipped out within 3 days of ordering. For cassette tapes, we use USPS first-class mail, and each tape is gently caressed and then lovingly stuffed into a deluxe bubble mailer. For any recording that is not a pay-what-you-want album, we include a download code within each tape. As far as distribution, Guest Records only ships to the US and Canada, but our friends at Fox Food Records have got y'all overseas folks covered! Check em out!
Return Policy
If you order a tape and, upon opening it, you find that it's completely obliterated, we will of course send you a replacement or refund your money. But if it's just a little crack or something, consider going to Goodwill and buying a $0.50 cassette and swapping out the cases?? We love you but we're not crazy rich!